• Fly fishing in Cuba

    This April I had the chance to try my luck at saltwater fly fishing in Cuba.. If you ever have an opportunity to do this, I encourage you to seize it! I found an AMAZING local guide in Cayo Coco Guillermo who offered an affordable exciting day of sight fishing for bonefish on beautiful coral

  • MSc. Fieldwork – The Finale

    Hey all, sorry for the delay! Last time I blogged about my field season I was drastically looking for samples from the South and feeling like that was unlikely to happen.. Turns out miracles do happen! When you work hard for them that is. After I concluded my field season at the beginning of October

  • Eat, Pray, Love, & Fish

    Winter is coming… That means my field season is approaching an end. The whitefish will be moving to shallower waters soon to spawn along cobble substrate. Collecting whitefish has been rough lately. I desperately wanted some samples from the southern basin to complement my large northern/central collection (see previous post). However I could only get

  • MSc. Fieldwork: What week??

    Hi all! Haven’t blogged in what feels like forever, and seeing that my last blog post detailed my second week of my field season confirms that yes it has been forever. I am now settled into my Ontario life (DONT WORRY MOM STILL COMING BACK) and my endless yet usually successful missions of obtaining whitefish

  • MSc. Field work: 2nd week!

    Well this past week and a half has been amazing! Wish I would have had internet access to blog bit by bit throughout it but I’ll try to cover it all here in some sort of brief way. Last week I was based on Manitoulin Island (like the week before) but I was working with